Super & retirement

The destination

Is a Self-Managed Super Fund the right choice for you?

Possibly. But it’s certainly not right for everyone. And unless you have all the facts at hand and understand the regulations, risks and requirements, you should probably seek expert advice before making a decision that could ultimately have a significant impact on your future.

Everyone wants to live well in retirement. When you’ve worked hard all your life, finally it’s YOU-time!  While you can’t control everything in the run-up – life, governments and regulators often get in the way – it’s the things you do now that will help influence how much freedom you’ll have when you want it most.

A Self-Managed Super Fund might suit you down to the ground. But there are plenty of other options available. The first thing to do is face the facts. Soon you’ll be able to look confidently ahead with a clear vision of the future. Then, when the time is right, you’ll really be able to LIVE IT.