How can we help?

Capital 8 Financial provides financial planning guidance to people from all walks of life throughout Australia. The driving force behind it all is husband-and-wife team, John and Tracey Johnson.


The dream is your responsibility. How do you want your future to look?

Our commitment is to listen to you and help bring that dream to life.

It’s been said that a goal without a plan is just a wish, so first we need to crunch the numbers and consider what lies ahead. Once everything has been carefully considered and we’re all happy with the blueprint of your plan, then we can confidently begin the next phase of development.

This is where taking action becomes the name of the game. Together we will build a portfolio of diversified, high performance assets, designed to help you achieve your long term objectives.

But sometimes life gets in the way! Events happen that are outside of our control. Regulations change. People’s aspirations shift.

Right from the start we’ll check to make sure you have sufficient protection in place, just in case the unexpected should happen. And we’ll review it all regularly too.

You see, we’re all about looking out for you through thick and thin while doing our best to preserve your capital for the future.

Then, when the time is right, you can live your dream.